Stories on Seduction

Stories on Seduction

Stories on Seduction

Why settle for stories on seduction when you can write your own seduction stokes as memoirs?  See the alluring banner box above and right.  Are you seduced to click it?  Who is better at giving amazing tips on seduction than other enticing women?

Attractive women tell their stories on seduction including what seduced them!  This is invaluable advice on how to pick up girls for an aspiring seducer.

Here now continues this story on seduction.

Seduction Stories

“This is inviting.”  The irresistible girl glanced around the charming restaurant set on a seaside quay.  Internally she cringed at a thought of how much the bill for this seduction supper would amount to.  So far the alluring woman had not gotten anything tangible from him.  In the taxi, the Casanova had been quiet as a Greek statue—as well as his classic physique being as sexually appealing as one too.

“I find the sea appealing.”  His gaze was on the sun setting into the aquatic horizon.  The yellow orb was already half submerged and with the golden reflection pointing directly at them, it looked like a comet from the earth streaking back into space.  “I wish I could be underwater at the exact place where the sun is splashing down.”

Seduction for Sex“That would be rather warm for my tastes.”  Her cheeks reddened as if flash burnt by the reflected ray because it suddenly seemed to the stunning lady that her perspective was slightly off center.  Normally the spear of sunlight on the water should’ve aimed directly at her alluring eyes but this one was slightly off and it was pointing towards the don juan Olympic star.

“I suppose so.”  Seduc smiled for the first time since their first seduction tryst.

“You like scuba diving?” The thrilling female found his smile enigmatic and yearned to find out what was behind her seduction target’s standoffish nature.  “Your life in scuba gear tattoo was a clue.”

“Scuba gives me the gills that I can’t find otherwise.”

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“Then your tattoo means—.”  The fetching girl had to break off her seducing sentence because a waiter had hustled over with menus.  She silently growled at the man’s efficiency at such an inopportune moment when she seemed to have found an enticing topic to explore.

“What would you like to drink?”  The waiter asked.

“Just water for me.”  Seduc said.

“I’ll take a glass of red wine.”  The bewitching female had briefly considered having only the same as him but since she had a tough job ahead in cracking his nut, she felt that a small bracer was needed.

“Actually,” Seduc handed his liquor menu back to the waiter, “red wine sounds good.”

“Let’s make it a shared carafe then.”  The alluring lady smirked.  A little social lubricant might oil up his tongue and get her seduction plan rolling  She regretted not ordering tequila shooters instead.

“You only feel your life is complete when you’re in the water?”  The delectable girl tried to bring her talk with Seduc back to the interrupted seductive topic.  “So you’re living in your scuba gear.”

Download Seduction

“I guess so.”  The downloaded seduction words were noncommittal and a slightly perplexed face showed that his thoughts had traveled away from the sunset discussion.

“When did you first aspire to be a seducer?”  The hypnotic young woman tried another tack to her seduction ploy.  Could she download seduction tips?

“Well,” the Casanova paused while taking a tiny sip of wine, “I never aspired to being a seducer.”

“As a younger man,”  The comely lady took a gulp of her drink, “did you spend much time seducing women?”

“Actually,” Seduc seemed to be thinking of a good response, “yes.”

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‘Damn you to Hell!’  The seducing woman internally cursed him and was tempted to up and slap him as well.  Seduc was cruelly teasing her with his hesitations, only to squash her attempts with non-expanded answers.
“Did your father coach you on seduction methods and tell you stories on seduction?”

“No.  I learned my seduction ways on my own or from download seduction techniques.”

Seduction Stories
The girl took another big swallow of wine and then topped her glass back up.  With her spending ten words to elicit only one from him, the seductress and her seduction story wasn’t turning out to be much of an interview.  After a few more seducing remarks and questions that gained only an affirmative or a negative, she stopped trying.  She sat in silence, trying to think of a way to breach Seduc’s walls and accomplish her seduction attempt.  She finished her second glass of wine while waiting for the main course.

“Excuse me,” the waiter had returned unexpectedly empty handed, “but some of the kitchen staff were wondering if they could get your autograph.”

“Send them out.”  Seduc offered and the waiter scurried off.

“I’ll use the washroom while you’re busy.”  The attractive young woman rose from her seat.  This seduction story with Seduc wasn’t headed for a happy ending.

“Please comb out your pigtails so it looks like I’m dining with an adult woman.  I don’t want the scandal rags saying that I’m going out with underage girls.”

Stories on seduction to be continued…

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