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In Quest of Haute Sects – A Short Seduction Story

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“Oh my God,” the male college student exclaims to his friend as an incredibly beautiful young woman walks by, “she is ultra fine!”

“I concur.” A substantially older man has looked up from his idle perusing of a course calendar: he really has no intention of taking any classes. “I suppose she has a boyfriend or husband.”

“Not that I know of.” The younger man sighs heavily. “She is like way out of any guy’s league.”

“Being out of everyone’s league must be quite lonely for her.” The mature man says sagely. “Perhaps I should solve that dilemma for her.”

“You can only wish!” The male student laughs. “If none of the guys here stand a chance, then the odds of your scoring with her are infinitesimal. I would gladly bet a billion dollars against.”

stories of seduction“I do enjoy a challenge but if I succeed, I won’t come bragging,” his eyes have followed the scintillating female while she crosses to her work area, “even if you did have that amount of wager money.”

“Well,” the younger man stands, “I should get to my next class. Thanks again for bringing over my forgotten homework paper.”

“See you later.” The older man takes a renewed interest in the campus brochure but this time his gaze was intent on it. His left hand strokes his clean-shaven chin as he mentally writes the story of seduction to plan his stealthy approach.

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“This seems fascinating and exciting to me.” He is holding the pamphlet book against his chest and taps his finger several times on a course title.

“I’m not actually the person with information.” The girl glances up from the page to his face. “I just do parking passes.”

“Then I am human and in err.” He smiles. “Your presence struck me as so fact filled that I was drawn to you with my simple query.”

“I can try to help.” She offers. “What did you wish to know?”

“How do I apply to attend this stimulating course?” He is still holding the booklet open and he taps on it once again.

“You’re kidding?” She has read the title: it is on the subject of religion. “Right?”

“Au contraire mon cher.” He grins and sets the course synopsis onto the corner of her desk. The man was probably twice her age or more but he was fit for his age. “I find the topic haute, that is h-a-u-t-e,” he spelled it out, “and sects, as in s-e-c-t-s, is a particularly attractive pursuit.”

“I’m glad you clarified.” She giggles at his flirtatious word usages.  Jenna doesn’t yet realize that she is the leading female in a story of seduction.  “Otherwise, your phrasing might’ve been grossly misconstrued.”

“And you are serious about enrolling in this class?” Her eyes inadvertently roam slightly up from the page. His height and proximity to her desk has placed the bulge in his jeans into her line of sight—and her gaze lingers.

“Yes”  He lies.  His latest seduction story is the only thought on his mind and the only thing he really wants to study in depth is her.

“Uh,” she forces her eyes away to extract a card and pick up her pen, “I’ll give you the contact person to call.”

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seduction stories“Thank you dear.” His gratitude flows like honey over his lips. He watches her right hand tremble slightly as she jots down the information. Then he collects the card, turns, and walks away without a backwards glance.

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“May I speak with Belinda Peterman?” He asks after making the call on his cell.

“There is nobody here by that name.”

“Her flustered mistake is a positive sign.” He then dials the college information line to get the correct information. And he examines the differences. “Peterman instead of Pederson is pleasantly Freudian and my manhood was somewhat in her face at the time.” Comparing the phone numbers turns up a second discrepancy. “The last four digits should be 3766 but my quarry wrote 3799. I wonder if I’ll ever know what inspired that slip-up?”

“To acquire the finest pelts,” he keys his ignition, “an experienced trapper must exercise patience.”

The man was smiling as he drove away. He would return at the opportune time and his seduction story would have its climax.

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Jenna had experienced the warm glow of an increased blood flow, even before the interesting man turned and left. She couldn’t resist watching his butt as he strode away. An older man has never turned me on before. Her mind marvels at her body’s state of pique. That’s odd: a pick-up attempt often has the exact opposite effect on me.

Then she got back to work and diverted her mind from the mildly erotic interlude. But he wouldn’t stay away from her thoughts for long. Whenever she encountered the number nine, his memory returned.

“I rated him as nine on my one-to-ten scale.” She mutters. “Even a shirtless Brad Pitt only rates a 9 and my mysterious man wasn’t that handsome or exceptionally well buffed. I must’ve factored in his entrancing intellect and suave demeanor. I think I also added points for the nine that my mind envisioned behind his zipper.”

Spurred by that last thought, she again feels a flush sexual excitement and the girl breaks her pencil’s nib on her note pad. She examines the breakage and notices for the first time how a pencil’s firm lead is tightly encased in the wooden sleeve.  Isn’t it amazing how many subtle references to seduction stories that there are in life.

“Damn!” Jenna chuckles lustily as she went to the sharpener. “I could almost go for some haute sects training right now.”

“To my profound sorrow, I didn’t connect.”

A startled Jenna spins around. She has been collecting her jacket from the peg at the end of her workday. She glances down at the card he was proffering and the errors quickly stand out for her.

“Oops.” She sheepishly says, and then the conjured passions of her day resurface in a rush. “I’m off now but I’d be happy to correct the information over breakfast.” She had meant to suggest coffee but the morning repast had slipped out instead.

“Certainly,” like a gentleman, he gently takes her elbow and opens the door for her, “and right now is the ideal moment to begin a breakfast assignation.”

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“I had a wonderful night.” Jenna passionately kisses her much older lover after he opens the car door for her. She pushes her pelvis into his as his hands find and squeeze her shapely butt.

“Enjoy your day and I’ll see you tonight.” He watches her walk into the building.

“Dude!” The man’s younger friend rushes over after witnessing the scene. “I bow respectfully to a true master but I’m a student and flat broke.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it.” The older man laughs as he recalls how this sucessfull seduction story began on a bet. “I’m not going to break your kneecaps. Last night was more than worth every dime of that unpaid wager.”

The End

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