Hot Cougar Seduce


Seduce a Hot Cougar

“We could stay here,” the hot cougar gave the boy his first look at her studio apartment, “or continue sleeping at my place but you don’t know who I will seduce from there.” The cougar’s short absence from the hookup nest and a few subsequent ones had been to set this up.

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“Is there a bed?” Calen could see the sofa that would doubtlessly fold out but wanted to seduce the sexy cougar into proving it. As had been the case in Seattle, the living space was geared towards making computers the most comfortable.

“I don’t trust Sam’s hot floorboards.” She pulled out a hide-a-bed. “Some exuberance on this won’t find us unexpectedly touring my basement.”

hot cougar seduce“What have we got running?” The young man’s attention turned to the computer.

“I’m monitoring activities at Hot Cougar Seduce Inc, as usual.” The sexy cougar woman grabbed the bed and was about to fold it up but with a seductive wink, he stayed her hand. “I also have some major work in sifting through all of Hot Cougar Seduce Corp’s lost files.” The hacker had downloaded all the protected information, before destroying it at the source. She nodded at a bank of servers: the LED pegs blinked faster than Christmas tree bulbs on meth-amphetamines. “Those are still busy downloading data from my last cougar seduction.”

Seduce Hot Cougar Bait

hot cougar“Is that workstation for me?” The cougar bait boy pointed to a corner unit then over at the hot cougar seduce files.

“Of course.” The hot cougar hadn’t set it up for him: she often used an extra. The beautiful cougar cracked her knuckles over a keyboard. “I guess we should get busy with our next seduction then.”

“My exact thoughts.” The boy’s eyes fell wantonly on the foldout bed.

“I’m glad you’ve chosen a newer profession than the oldest,” the cougar woman joked at his seeming insatiability, “or you would quickly cost me my fortune.”

“Only the first was free. Now, I’m charging it to your credit account.”

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Hot Cougar He Didn’t Seduce

In Rome, an overweight man was nursing a self-inflicted wound: his hangover was exacerbated by the hot cougar he had failed to seduce. The table stakes Mario had placed on his golden seduction scheme were now more than he could afford to loose and the glitter showed as just a foil over plain plaster.

“~That self-serving rich cougar bitch cheated me!” Mario took a nearly empty whiskey bottle from his desk: he swallowed the dregs. His eyes fell onto his monitor again and anger was as a hot match touched to the alcohol in his belly. “~I got the promised link alright—but only on the Italian regional sub-unit of her international web portal.”

The money off that would be fractions of pennies compared to a banner displayed on the international network. The furious mobster tried dousing an unquenchable internal fire with a chaser drink of water. Those flames were further stoked as he recalled his brother’s unexpected visit.

‘~The videotaped disciplining has angered Max’s powerful kinsman.’ Antony had noted with an oily smirk. ‘~Your best henchman can’t help you because he was killed along with our cousin Sal.’

‘~That was an insignificant setback in my overall plans for that hot cougar bitch.’ The don downplayed the devastating loss but it sounded hollow: because it was. He wondered who the spy was: his brother gained his accurate information awfully fast. Mario watched as his elder sibling ambled to the wet bar.

Antony’s hairline had receded already past his crown but he made no attempt to hide it. Instead, he had grown the remaining fringe long enough to form a ponytail in the back. His grey moustache was similarly long and the tips were waxed into curled handlebars.

Hot Cougar on the Hunt to Seduce

‘~I could seduce the heartless but hot cougar lady,’ the older brother said with hot relish, ‘~and show her that cougar bait boys lack the substance she craves.’

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‘~The hot cougar bitch has bowled lucky balls up my alley,’ the mob kingpin was as a headpin, wobbling alone with the fallen in disarray around, ‘~but I still own her gutters and that will pay me for all.’

‘~You can’t survive to collect your benefactor’s reward unless I protect your operation from Sicily.’ Antony’s larger frame made him seem as a Kodiak hugging a Grizzly bear as he put a furry arm around Mario’s shoulder. ‘~Brothers may squabble but behind the fists—they are still kin.’

‘~State your terms.’

‘~I’ll take over your girls and business in Rome and Milan, until you’ve recovered the strength to hold it. After your American patron makes good,’ Antony poured a shot from a fresh bottle, ‘~you can buy your interests back.’

It Takes Strong Karma to Seduce a Hot Cougar

“~But the sneaky cougar whore has reneged.” Back in the present moment, the lack of good search engine results for the website clearly showed a blatant snub. The alcohol in Mario’s belly lurched, as if the drinks were vinegar and soda water that sent sour bile into his throat. “~A verbal agreement is only worth the paper it is written on and since it wasn’t signed in ink, the Yankee Cougar may have to honor it with her blood.  The hot cougar will seduce no more”

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