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An appealing girl works in a sales kiosk and I want her. So how to pick her up? I’ll use covert hypnosis to seduce the girl. Follow my steps as I show how to pickup by covertly hypnotizing. Wow! She is just so stunning in her tight jeans. This story on seduction will end when I see those pants hanging over a bedroom chair.

My attractive siren working in a sales kiosk is a handy thing. She is always in the one place and the girl I want to seduce has nothing but those near her booth to look at. Even when my lovely sales girl is serving another customer, her alluring eyes are mine to control and her mind will be on her seducer. Controlling her mind will be easy.

To pick up this girl, I visually hypnotize her with covert mimicking actions to build rapport. Developing rapport is conducive to a seduction with my how 2 pickup girl method. My story on seduction is progressing well. The target of my seduction is captivated by me. Her attention is covertly drawn away from her customers and her inviting eyes flirt with me. My how 2 pick up girl method is working 2 seduce this lovely young woman.

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Now my bewitching siren is voluntarily engaging me in conversation, so im able to insert sly verbal hypnotic suggestions. Very soon, this appealing young lady will be entitled to put ‘seduced by covert hypnosis’ on her kiosk girl job skills list, but she just won’t be aware that the successful seduction was accomplished with covert hypnosis.

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Let’s skip to the conclusion of this story on seduction. Yes! There ardraped stylish designer jeans draped over my bedroom chair. Life is good when you know how to hypnotize and seduce the girls.

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