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In Quest of Haute Sects – A Short Seduction Story

“Oh my God,” the male college student exclaims to his friend as an incredibly beautiful young woman walks by, “she is ultra fine!”

“I concur.” A substantially older man has looked up from his idle perusing of a course calendar: he really has no intention of taking any classes. “I suppose she has a boyfriend or husband.”

“Not that I know of.” The younger man sighs heavily. “She is like way out of any guy’s league.”

“Being out of everyone’s league must be quite lonely for her.” The mature man says sagely. “Perhaps I should solve that dilemma for her.”

“You can only wish!” The male student laughs. “If none of the guys here stand a chance, then the odds of your scoring with her are infinitesimal. I would gladly bet a billion dollars against.”

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stories of seduction“I do enjoy a challenge but if I succeed, I won’t come bragging,” his eyes have followed the scintillating female while she crosses to her work area, “even if you did have that amount of wager money.”

“Well,” the younger man stands, “I should get to my next class. Thanks again for bringing over my forgotten homework paper.”

“See you later.” The older man takes a renewed interest in the campus brochure but this time his gaze was intent on it. His left hand strokes his clean-shaven chin as he mentally writes the story of seduction to plan his stealthy approach.

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“This seems fascinating and exciting to me.” He is holding the pamphlet book against his chest and taps his finger several times on a course title.

“I’m not actually the person with information.” The girl glances up from the page to his face. “I just do parking passes.”

“Then I am human and in err.” He smiles. “Your presence struck me as so fact filled that I was drawn to you with my simple query.”

“I can try to help.” She offers. “What did you wish to know?”

“How do I apply to attend this stimulating course?” He is still holding the booklet open and he taps on it once again.

“You’re kidding?” She has read the title: it is on the subject of religion. “Right?”

“Au contraire mon cher.” He grins and sets the course synopsis onto the corner of her desk. The man was probably twice her age or more but he was fit for his age. “I find the topic haute, that is h-a-u-t-e,” he spelled it out, “and sects, as in s-e-c-t-s, is a particularly attractive pursuit.”

“I’m glad you clarified.” She giggles at his flirtatious word usages.  Jenna doesn’t yet realize that she is the leading female in a story of seduction.  “Otherwise, your phrasing might’ve been grossly misconstrued.”

“And you are serious about enrolling in this class?” Her eyes inadvertently roam slightly up from the page. His height and proximity to her desk has placed the bulge in his jeans into her line of sight—and her gaze lingers.

“Yes”  He lies.  His latest seduction story is the only thought on his mind and the only thing he really wants to study in depth is her.

“Uh,” she forces her eyes away to extract a card and pick up her pen, “I’ll give you the contact person to call.”

seduction stories“Thank you dear.” His gratitude flows like honey over his lips. He watches her right hand tremble slightly as she jots down the information. Then he collects the card, turns, and walks away without a backwards glance.

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“May I speak with Belinda Peterman?” He asks after making the call on his cell.

“There is nobody here by that name.”

“Her flustered mistake is a positive sign.” He then dials the college information line to get the correct information. And he examines the differences. “Peterman instead of Pederson is pleasantly Freudian and my manhood was somewhat in her face at the time.” Comparing the phone numbers turns up a second discrepancy. “The last four digits should be 3766 but my quarry wrote 3799. I wonder if I’ll ever know what inspired that slip-up?”

“To acquire the finest pelts,” he keys his ignition, “an experienced trapper must exercise patience.”

The man was smiling as he drove away. He would return at the opportune time and his seduction story would have its climax.

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Jenna had experienced the warm glow of an increased blood flow, even before the interesting man turned and left. She couldn’t resist watching his butt as he strode away. An older man has never turned me on before. Her mind marvels at her body’s state of pique. That’s odd: a pick-up attempt often has the exact opposite effect on me.

Then she got back to work and diverted her mind from the mildly erotic interlude. But he wouldn’t stay away from her thoughts for long. Whenever she encountered the number nine, his memory returned.

“I rated him as nine on my one-to-ten scale.” She mutters. “Even a shirtless Brad Pitt only rates a 9 and my mysterious man wasn’t that handsome or exceptionally well buffed. I must’ve factored in his entrancing intellect and suave demeanor. I think I also added points for the nine that my mind envisioned behind his zipper.”

Spurred by that last thought, she again feels a flush sexual excitement and the girl breaks her pencil’s nib on her note pad. She examines the breakage and notices for the first time how a pencil’s firm lead is tightly encased in the wooden sleeve.  Isn’t it amazing how many subtle references to seduction stories that there are in life.

“Damn!” Jenna chuckles lustily as she went to the sharpener. “I could almost go for some haute sects training right now.”

“To my profound sorrow, I didn’t connect.”

A startled Jenna spins around. She has been collecting her jacket from the peg at the end of her workday. She glances down at the card he was proffering and the errors quickly stand out for her.

“Oops.” She sheepishly says, and then the conjured passions of her day resurface in a rush. “I’m off now but I’d be happy to correct the information over breakfast.” She had meant to suggest coffee but the morning repast had slipped out instead.

“Certainly,” like a gentleman, he gently takes her elbow and opens the door for her, “and right now is the ideal moment to begin a breakfast assignation.”

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“I had a wonderful night.” Jenna passionately kisses her much older lover after he opens the car door for her. She pushes her pelvis into his as his hands find and squeeze her shapely butt.

“Enjoy your day and I’ll see you tonight.” He watches her walk into the building.

“Dude!” The man’s younger friend rushes over after witnessing the scene. “I bow respectfully to a true master but I’m a student and flat broke.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it.” The older man laughs as he recalls how this sucessfull seduction story began on a bet. “I’m not going to break your kneecaps. Last night was more than worth every dime of that unpaid wager.”

The End

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How to Seduce in a Cougar

Seduce in a Cougar

“Many new duties have been appended on my job description,” Gerald watched the helicopter tilting away, “but I never expected palace eunuch to be one of them.” The CEO’s message, ‘I’m unavoidably tied up in my new cougar trailer,’ asked him to perform the requested function at an ungodly hour of the morning.

seducecougar“~I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” The diminutive girl tugged the man’s jacket sleeve and sheepishly grinned at his attention.

“You appear to have been in recent accident.” Cameron beheld her face. One hand was holding flyaway blond hair from the departed helicopter’s rotor wash. Her body seemed thin enough to blow away in a stiff breeze.

“My boss asked me to make the exchange for him, but he neglected to mention what I was to do with you.  Should I take you to the cougar trailer that he uses to seduce?” The asshole took the new woman to the office where he had collected the other one. Wall still wasn’t here and neither was there any indication of what Gerald should do with the charge.

“Benny left a person unattended in his office but I can’t bring myself to so.”

“English nyet.” Katerina Ovetchkin smiled expansively at her escort. This wasn’t the same man who had tried to seduce her on the ship but she wasn’t disappointed about that.

“Russian Nyet.” Gerald broke his eye contact with her and he looked at the door to the apartment.
“I suppose our only option is to seek for where Wall is tied up in his cougar motor home—or barring that, we get you settled into your new home.”

“Is anyone in here?” After several unanswered knocks, Cameron opened the green door and shouted. A walk through brought them to the bedroom where Gerald stopped short. Wall was sleeping spread eagle naked and tied to the bedposts. He was breathing peacefully and didn’t appear to require immediate medical attention: in fact, he was even smiling as if he had just learned how to seduce a cougar in a cougar – and maybe he had.

A motion in the corner of Gerald’s eyes or maybe it was her closeness to his elbow, caused him to turn his head. The blonde Ukrainian woman’s eyes flickered about the room and then she tiptoed to the slumbering man.

“~He’s just stoned.” Katerina’s fingers found needle tracks.

“So, what do you expect of me now?” Gerald asked the comatose boss. Since the answer wasn’t forthcoming, the exec returned to the living room.

“~There’s no television!” Katerina drew a picture of a set in the air and turned an imaginary knob.

“~The magazines aren’t in my language.” She picked up several and then threw them back onto the coffee table.

“I’m sorry.” Cameron couldn’t resist intently watching her through the minor outburst. I’ve never seen anyone as emotionally exposed as she is.

“~How do I keep from going crazy?” The girl searched cupboards and nooks: disappointment showed in each negative discovery.

“I wish I could understand your words,” Gerald said, “but I really don’t need to.” A human can’t exist in an intellectual void: even Benson couldn’t be so intentionally cruel. “I have to do something to rectify this.”

“~I’ll die.” Tears formed in Katerina’s eyes. “~I’ll kill myself.”

“You and I are going shopping.” The asshole could have some guards follow to protect a valuable asset from possible escape—and to tote the purchases. “Benson isn’t awake enough to contradict or uphold my decision. First, we’ll find a place to have some breakfast. Then after the stores open, we’ll buy a TV, magazines, books and a video game platform.” He mimed each item for both her benefit and to relish the delight so evidently shining on her animated features. Most men would probably choose the outgoing Russian as the beauty, but I personally find this one more appealing.

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“How could Benson text me about a bound condition, from that position?” During what became a five-hour spree his thoughts returned to the bizarre apartment scene. “I suspect the CEO underestimated his outgoing slave.”

“The strongest typhoons aren’t the most damaging.” Gerald offered his wisdom to the non-comprehending young junky. “The ones that sneak into existence from a mild appearing tropical storm reeks sudden devastation.”

Seduce her in a Cougar.


Hot Cougar Seduce

Seduce a Hot Cougar

“We could stay here,” the hot cougar gave the boy his first look at her studio apartment, “or continue sleeping at my place but you don’t know who I will seduce from there.” The cougar’s short absence from the hookup nest and a few subsequent ones had been to set this up.

“Is there a bed?” Calen could see the sofa that would doubtlessly fold out but wanted to seduce the sexy cougar into proving it. As had been the case in Seattle, the living space was geared towards making computers the most comfortable.

“I don’t trust Sam’s hot floorboards.” She pulled out a hide-a-bed. “Some exuberance on this won’t find us unexpectedly touring my basement.”

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hot cougar seduce“What have we got running?” The young man’s attention turned to the computer.

“I’m monitoring activities at Hot Cougar Seduce Inc, as usual.” The sexy cougar woman grabbed the bed and was about to fold it up but with a seductive wink, he stayed her hand. “I also have some major work in sifting through all of Hot Cougar Seduce Corp’s lost files.” The hacker had downloaded all the protected information, before destroying it at the source. She nodded at a bank of servers: the LED pegs blinked faster than Christmas tree bulbs on meth-amphetamines. “Those are still busy downloading data from my last cougar seduction.”

Seduce Hot Cougar Bait

hot cougar“Is that workstation for me?” The cougar bait boy pointed to a corner unit then over at the hot cougar seduce files.

“Of course.” The hot cougar hadn’t set it up for him: she often used an extra. The beautiful cougar cracked her knuckles over a keyboard. “I guess we should get busy with our next seduction then.”

“My exact thoughts.” The boy’s eyes fell wantonly on the foldout bed.

“I’m glad you’ve chosen a newer profession than the oldest,” the cougar woman joked at his seeming insatiability, “or you would quickly cost me my fortune.”

“Only the first was free. Now, I’m charging it to your credit account.”

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Hot Cougar He Didn’t Seduce

In Rome, an overweight man was nursing a self-inflicted wound: his hangover was exacerbated by the hot cougar he had failed to seduce. The table stakes Mario had placed on his golden seduction scheme were now more than he could afford to loose and the glitter showed as just a foil over plain plaster.

“~That self-serving rich cougar bitch cheated me!” Mario took a nearly empty whiskey bottle from his desk: he swallowed the dregs. His eyes fell onto his monitor again and anger was as a hot match touched to the alcohol in his belly. “~I got the promised link alright—but only on the Italian regional sub-unit of her international web portal.”

The money off that would be fractions of pennies compared to a banner displayed on the international network. The furious mobster tried dousing an unquenchable internal fire with a chaser drink of water. Those flames were further stoked as he recalled his brother’s unexpected visit.

‘~The videotaped disciplining has angered Max’s powerful kinsman.’ Antony had noted with an oily smirk. ‘~Your best henchman can’t help you because he was killed along with our cousin Sal.’

‘~That was an insignificant setback in my overall plans for that hot cougar bitch.’ The don downplayed the devastating loss but it sounded hollow: because it was. He wondered who the spy was: his brother gained his accurate information awfully fast. Mario watched as his elder sibling ambled to the wet bar.

Antony’s hairline had receded already past his crown but he made no attempt to hide it. Instead, he had grown the remaining fringe long enough to form a ponytail in the back. His grey moustache was similarly long and the tips were waxed into curled handlebars.

Hot Cougar on the Hunt to Seduce

‘~I could seduce the heartless but hot cougar lady,’ the older brother said with hot relish, ‘~and show her that cougar bait boys lack the substance she craves.’

‘~The hot cougar bitch has bowled lucky balls up my alley,’ the mob kingpin was as a headpin, wobbling alone with the fallen in disarray around, ‘~but I still own her gutters and that will pay me for all.’

‘~You can’t survive to collect your benefactor’s reward unless I protect your operation from Sicily.’ Antony’s larger frame made him seem as a Kodiak hugging a Grizzly bear as he put a furry arm around Mario’s shoulder. ‘~Brothers may squabble but behind the fists—they are still kin.’

‘~State your terms.’

‘~I’ll take over your girls and business in Rome and Milan, until you’ve recovered the strength to hold it. After your American patron makes good,’ Antony poured a shot from a fresh bottle, ‘~you can buy your interests back.’

It Takes Strong Karma to Seduce a Hot Cougar

“~But the sneaky cougar whore has reneged.” Back in the present moment, the lack of good search engine results for the website clearly showed a blatant snub. The alcohol in Mario’s belly lurched, as if the drinks were vinegar and soda water that sent sour bile into his throat. “~A verbal agreement is only worth the paper it is written on and since it wasn’t signed in ink, the Yankee Cougar may have to honor it with her blood.  The hot cougar will seduce no more”

Cougar Girl in Bangkok

Cougar Girl Hits Bangkok

“We’re headed to the Nana Plaza.” Wilfred spoke at the hotel room.  “We’re looking for cougar girls and some hot seduction.”

One Cougar Girl is Plenty

“My butt is spewing napalm after today’s chili peppers.” Cougar bait held the door as a shield, as if he wasn’t wearing clothes behind it. He held back a smile at the cougar hunter’s suddenly ashen complexion.

“Come on over later if you start feeling better.” The cougar hunter left for his hot seductions.

cougar girl[Is debauchery the only activity in this city?]

“I’m sure there’s much more than just hot seduction and Bangkok bar girls,” it was a commentary that the squad left a hedonistic compound only to traipse from one sex venue to the next, “a good example might be the unguided motorcycle tour we’ll be taking out into cougar girl territory and one cougar girl is plenty for me.”

[We should reconsider taking a guided boat to avoid the cougar girl's clutches.]

“It’s too late,” Cougar bait had bought a map at a convenience store and plotted the roads to his destination, “so clam up and memorize the route to the hot seduction.” A shop near the hotel offered a motorbike and he had rented it for the day.

Cars and trucks on Bangkok roads are like square links in long chains that move when a traffic light sprocket turns green. The many motorcycles are as ball bearings rolling along in the channel whenever the chain moves, and surging between when the wider vehicle links, need to stop.

[Turn right but stay wrongly on the left—right here—left.]

“Fortunately, I see what you’re talking about.” In Bangkok, cars drive on the left side but the right turn they were to take had a ramp that cut left to an overpass that swung right. To make the corner on short notice, Cougar Bait had to change through four lanes of traffic. Doing so was navigating a jagged maze with car bumpers on the zigs, and fenders on the zags.

[You’re surprised I remembered the route to the cougar girl lair.]

“I am actually.” Without the instructions from his back-brain driver, cougar bait would’ve needed to pull over a dozen times already to consult a map.

[Does it mean that I’m real or that you’re an autistic savant?]

“I’ve given up on trying to decide that question.” The young man ripe for a cougar seduction had other things to occupy his mind. He was arriving at the cougar hunter compound’s access road. “Look for a handy spot to hide the bike where the cougar women won’t find it before we get our seducing done.”

After walking the motorbike through a shallow ditch, the cougar seducer leaned it against a tree. I hope there are no spiders, snakes or scorpions.

[Or eels, leeches and tropical piranhas in the river.]

“This isn’t the Amazon: I’ve seen loads of kids swimming in the river.” The cougar seducer switched on a waterproof flashlight he had purchased from a sidewalk shop and ploughed into dense foliage.

“The younger ones even dive in wearing only their birthday swimsuits like we saw our cougar girl do with the other girl cougars.”

Cougar Baits had worried about jungle creatures and Loki had warned of the aquatic ones but in actuality, slapping the mosquitoes and brushing aside tangled branches kept him too busy to think about the other potential dangers. Finally, he reached the river: it was the same approximate time as it was on the evening when he had spied the master cougar hunter alone in his courtyard.

The young man switched off his flashlight and slipped it into his pocket. He was ready to bag his first cougar girl.  Clouds obscured the moon and stars but the sparse lights of the city’s edge sparkled the wavelets. He put his wrist through the carry-strap of a diver’s digital camera and stripped to his silk boxer shorts. Then Cougar Bait waited motionless for a mass of water hyacinth to drift by.

[Like transit busses they are everywhere—until you want one.]

cougar girls

Cougar Woman Hits Bangkok

“We haven’t chatted since 9/11.” A real cougar woman in her traditional robes reclined on a divan aboard her Grumman Gulfstream IV. “Cougar girl’s unexpected attack on the President is a wild joker in an otherwise well-stacked deck.”

The other passenger nodded and she blinked several times.

“Is that topic tender just now?” Cougar woman needled her guest’s nervousness.  If all went to Cougar woman’s plans, this hot girl wouls be fully mind controlled by the time they hit Bangkok.

“I’m not sure what to think about it.”

“Of course you’re not. You haven’t been advised of your opinion yet.” The cougar scoffed, but then stroked with the other side of her sharp tongue. “That is one of your fine qualities and it’s precisely why I’ve brought you along on this trip. I want you to meet some influential people with me.”

girl in Bangkok“In Riyadh and then in Bangkok.” The sexy guest presumed the true purpose had more to do with the recent stock market fight and the cougar woman’s seduction plans, than with the recently failed presidential assassination attempt.

“The first destination makes sense but I’m unsure of who we’ll be in contact with in the second.”

“You’ll find the Thailand visit especially thrilling and enlightening.” Cougar girl snapped her fingers for the air steward to set up a chessboard. “You surprised me in our first game. I wonder if you’ve practiced since. I will warn you that if I suspect you’re trying to let me win,” the cougar woman chuckled, “I’ll eject you from my plane without landing first to do so.”

The sexy young woman destined for mind control didn’t answer but focused instead on the onyx and white marble set being positioned on a walnut and ash wood board.

“Queen’s pawn.” Cougar woman ordered the steward to move the piece.

“I expected an easy game in my share fight after my contractor sent word of an attitude adjustment on cougar bait,”

Cougar woman changed the subject while her mute opponent considered a counter to the opening, “but my threat had precisely the opposite effect.”

“I shouldn’t know about that.” The young woman’s eyes were as furtive as a rat in a floodlighted alley. She moved her own piece—it was queen’s pawn.  The mind control was having the intended hypnotic effect.  Soon her actions would be as cougar girl under the control of cougar woman.

“After our brief stop in Riyadh I’ll have far more cash available to me, than the software geek and his gay asshole surmise.” Cougar woman ignored the comment. “Gaining the use of that money will simply cost me some power chips. I need show I can replace the markers—and that brings me to you.”

Seduced by a Cougar

As the flight continued eastward to Saudi Arabia, the white side of the board won six consecutive games but the guest offered enough challenge to arrive intact and land along with the aircraft.  Cougar woman had stacked her deck of cards for her meeting with cougar bait in Bangkok.  Cougar bait would find himself seduced by a cougar alright and that cougar was cougar woman herself.

Lady Seduce

Meet Lady Seduce

Let’s play this seduction game for the lady.

[If people played sports buck naked, as in the original Olympics, they would be less prone to becoming overweight.]

“Playing without the labor-saving power carts and wheeled golf bags would help too.” With his mind more on seducing a lady, he swung and whacked his ball badly astray. He had spent his wait time on the practice range. “I’m still not worth two bucks at this golf sport — either naked or clothed.”

[That smock you’re wearing doesn’t do anything for your stance or for seducing a lady.]

“It’s traditional Saudi attire.” The Iranian-Canadian glanced down at his clothing. On top, he could appear to be wearing a long-sleeved white business shirt but without the tails tucked and those billowed down to his ankles. “It’s called a thobe.”

[Maybe the first robe tailor in Riyadh who made one, had a lisp. He certainly didn't have seduction on his mind.]

“Why don’t you have to confine yourself to Scandinavian stuff?”

[I know what you know—but fortunately more than that as well. So where is this hot lady you're intent on seducing]

“Then why don’t you offer a bit more useful seduction advice?”

[It’s your seduction but I’ll be here when I need to be.]

“Then I need you to hit this next shot for me.”

‘—PING—’. The ball sailed perfectly off the clubface. It ran in an arc so long that the safety netting at the end of the range caught it half way up.

“Holy moley! I’ve never even seen a shot that perfect—much less hit one myself.” Apparently, some of these golfers haven’t either. Faces were turned his way on the driving line. “Why do you always do that to me? Just when I start to feel comfortable with your being just a schizophrenic symptom, you do or say something that probably couldn’t be mine alone.”

[Are you so certain you know everything you’re capable of?]

“I do know that as a general rule, I couldn’t make a hole-in-one in an outhouse from a tee box under the toilet paper roll.”

[You can retrieve that stinky ball and seduce a lady all by your lonesome.]

Enter Lady Seduce

“There they are.” Lady Seduce looked all seductive and sultry with her red hair and curvy form. The skinny shins sticking out from the plaid knickerbockers were Fred’s. “It’s seduction game on.”


Tactics of Touch Seduction

Tactile Seduction

The word tactile obviously means touching and physical contact is a pivotal element of a successful seduction.  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) also uses plenty of touching for both setting and for triggering anchors.  And of course, the science of seducing includes a full branch of knowledge that is dedicated towards people who are kinesthetically oriented.  Touch is more than just important – it is vital.  But then the whole purpose of a seduction for sex is to get to the intensely physical act of sex and at that point, words past or present are no consequence.  My point here is that even a deaf, mute and blind seducer can seduce if he understands touch seduction.

Let’s think of a seduction as a baseball game.  The batter’s overall objective is to slide into a nice warm home plate and score his run.  However, to achieve that goal, he must step on the three bases.

Touch of Seduction

First Base – Mutual flirtatious touching.  You caress her hand as it rests on a table.  She touches and strokes your forearm as she tells a joke.  Your arm is around her and you give a squeeze.  She leans against you.

seduction tacticsSecond Base – Kissing, hugging, passionate touching and holding hands.

Third Base – Is petting, clothed foreplay, undressing down to the undergarments.  With intimate touching your seduction is well underway here.

Home Plate – Is naturally the culmination of your seduction for sex.  Sometimes you will hit a home rune and make the easy jog in from third but other times you’ll have to steal each base.  But one thing is certain – before you EVER get to home plate, you have to touch first and touch is the operative word.  Even if you get to base on balls, you’re still on base and you’ve touched to escalate your seduction from verbal and visual – to touch and finally to sex.

Tactics of Touch Seduction

But here is where players tactically fail in touch seduction.  They can’t make it to first safely.  Anyone can make physical contact.  But stepping on her toe or touching in a non-strategic or non-productive way doesn’t send you on to second base – those just get you called ‘out’ and sent back to the dugout.

So let’s return to the title of this article.  Let’s discuss seduction for sex and tactics of touch seducing.  More specifically, let’s talk about how knowledge of touch seducing can put you into effective touch with the girls you want to seduce.  Yes, you have to get onto first base but from there you also wish to round second on the way to third.  Touch seducing is touching at the appropriate time and in the optimum way to advance you to the next base.  Then touch seducing is kinesthetic ploys that take a runner around third and into the home stretch,

The Seducing Touch

I get a laugh out of watching some of the ‘amazing’ fast talking street-corner seducer’s videos on Youtube.   They show the initial contact and that is it because actually – that initial touch is all they get.  Go ahead and strive to be like that.  Copy those seducing methods and soon your little black book will be stuffed full of intentional wrong numbers and the names of girls who are too busy ironing their underwear to go out with you.

I’m reminded of the martial arts legend of the kung fu touch of death.  Purportedly, just one finger could kill if applied correctly.  I don’t know if that is true but I do know this.  Touch is all it takes to knock a girl off her feet and onto your bed.

Seduction for Sex

Touch well, touch with the purpose of seduction for sex or don’t touch at until you’re ready to touch well and carry through your seduction for sex to home plate.

seduction for sex